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Ford Crown Victoria HID Kit upgrade for your headlights. No matter if your have a Crown Victoria Intercepter or daily driver, your vehicle could benifit at night with our Crown Victoria HID kit upgrade. If you have a police interceptor you would appreciate the light output from our Ford Crown Victoria HID kits. No matter if you are driving a 1995 Victoria or 2009, your headlights will perform 2-3 times better with this upgrade. Ford crown Victoria is a large sedan commonly used by the police department due to its performance ability. It is a rear wheel drive car produced by the ford motor company which recorded high selling rates in the market. Like many cars, it uses the v8 engine model with a fuel holding capacity of 3.4 litters that’s for the second generation of these cars. It is four passenger vehicles with maximum room to provide the onboard passengers with good comfort. Ford crown Victoria hid kit is installed in your car to help you drive with ease and avoid causing accidents which are caused by poor road visibility. This kit is fully installed with low beam light and high beam lights which can be used with other motorist on the road. They have no effect to the human eye so the light produced cannot blind other drivers from oncoming vehicles. Full light release should only be used when other motorists are not the road to avoid blinding them which may lead to accidents.