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1991 ~ 2001 Acura NSX:
High Beam headlamp: 9005
Low Beam headlamp: 9006

2002~ 2005Acura NSX:
High Beam headlamp: 9005
Low Beam headlamp: D2S (HID)

You are really lucky as you own a NSX. Its a great sports car with a unique look. All you need now is a NSX HID kit to give you great lighting over a longer and wider range then the old and tired halogen bulb. The installation of NSX HID kit is easy and all out products has an installation guide in it. The NSX HID kits will give your vehicle a phenomenal look and will add a great safety feature. The sports car needs to look different than the ordinary car which makes this upgrade even more important. . We offer all kinds of HID upgrades for your NXS the range goes from 6000K to 30000K kits, along with this we offer quality accessories to complete your upgrade from the low quality halogen lighting to the true HID lighting. These accessories include Digital Slim Ballast, the world renowned Philips HID kits and wire harness for your HID kits, the wire harness adds safety as the ordinary wire harness cannot take the load of these strong HID lights. With this upgrade you will never take any ticket because of damaged headlights as they will outlast your vehicle.