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Pontiac sun runner is a mini SUV track that was introduced in 1988 to be the 1989 model car. The car was jointly produced by the General Motors of Canada and the Suzuki (CAMI). Other sun runner models were produced in 1989 but were made from Japan and later imported to US. This is because the CAMI factory in Canada had begun making delays in producing these cars. Production in Japan was later stopped since from 1990, all tracks were produced in Ingersoll. Pontiac sun runner HID Kit are a great deal to every driver since they give a much bright light that will enable you see up to 75% of the road as you drive in the night. Many of the bulbs used in the kit are filled with the xenon gas which is economical and that saves up to 40% energy used by the halogen bulbs. Their bulbs are of different temperatures and you should ensure that you purchase bulbs that rhyme the temperatures that you drive in.