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Civic HID Kit 1990 and on… at the best prices. We carry Civic HID Kit instock ready to ship. Civic HID Kit are custom for your vehicle. If you own a Honda Civic you will appreciate the addition of an HID kit to your vehicles headlights. Installation is cake on Civic’s, just pop the hood, remove the bulb from the back of your headlight and insert the HID bulbs. Wire the ballast with the connectors and your done. The earlier years of Honda Civic use 9006 / 9005 bulb setups and the 96-2000 year range uses H4. But don’t worry what your Honda Civic uses, just tell us your model and we will send you the correct kit. With our new xenon HID kits you can bring your Honda Civic to a new standard of safety and lighting efficiency. Either you own a new model or a Civic as old as 1996, we have the best solution. It will make your new Honda look slicker or it will upgrade your old Civic’s usual headlights to modern standards. All this within minutes, as our HID kits are easy to install: just remove the hood, take out the old bulbs, and then plug the new xenon ones and you’re ready to go! All you need to do is check on our offer and choose the best solution for your car!