With the current economic hardships, any purchase you make should guarantee you a return on every penny you used. Oldsmobile 88 xenon lights can be a worthy purchase during these times. It will assure you and your car profound safety at night and in cases of extreme weather conditions. With Oldsmobile 88 HID kit fitted in your car, you do not need to make unnecessary stops to clean the headlight from dusts or mud, since it can function well with the dust covering. The kit emits the most powerful beam of light capable of penetrating any sand, mud, mist, darkness or smog that may poise challenge or threat to the illumination of the road. You should not cling to the ineffective halogen lights that are also costly to maintain, when you can acquire your own 88 xenon light today at an affordable price. In addition, you also have a great variety to choose from. Up date your Oldsmobile today with the HID kits and wield the difference instantly.


    Achieva HID Kit is available and ready to ship within 24-48 hours. Our HID kits carry a one year warranty, they also come with full installation instructions. Now you can upgrade your old lighting technology with the new xenon technology in a breeze. All our Oldsmobile HID kits are a complete plug and play requiring no modifications what so ever. Be confident that your buying your xenon kit from one of the best U.S suppliers.

    ALERO HID KIT (10)

    Alero HID Kit 99-04 at the best prices. We carry Alero HID Kit 99-04 in stock ready to ship. Alero HID Kit 99-04 are custom for your vehicle. These Alero HID kits are considered to be an easy install without modifications. The high intensity discharge lighting technology is superior then any other automobile lighting technology to date. IF you don't want to be left in the dark, then purchase a Alero HID kit.


    Aurora HID Kit technology is the best automobile advancement in lighting available to date. This is the reason why a lot of car manufacturers are moving forward to installing these kits as an OEM upgrade onto their vehicles. This is also why after market companies and providing HID xenon kits for vehicles that don't come with that option from the manufacturer. Purchase your next HID kit from here, where we offer a full one year backed warranty, and complete installation instructions.


    Bravada HID Kit installation is almost as easy as replacing your OEM bulbs. We provide instructions for the installation and we take pride in saying that they are a fully plug and play kit, where cutting and splicing wires is not going to be needed. The automobile market has been shocked by the weave of xenon technology, and it seems that everyone wants to be riding that weave. Could you blame them? The Bravada HID kit upgrade is a wonderful new technology that makes night driving more safer, and everyone would agree that being safety is a wonderful thing.

    CIERA HID KIT (10)

    Ciera HID KIT are considered to be the best upgrade you can do to your Ciera. Considering that Oldsmobile never introduced the xenon upgrade on to this vehicle, most owners never had the chance to enjoy the brightness and safety of the xenon lighting technology. I know that everyone encountered times when they didn't know if their lights are even on at night time, when that happens you know its time to upgrade your lighting.


    Cutlass HID Kit life span is 3000 hours compared to the 250 hours of the halogen bulb. This is why it makes more sense to replace your old and tired halogen bulbs with a new Culass HId kit lighting system. We provide you with everything you need to make a complete installation without modifications. Installation is simple, and we provide instructions for it. It should take around 20-30 minutes to do the installation with tools from around the house.


    Intrigue HID Kit technology is the greatest lighting invention to date for automobile lighting. The technology uses a xenon filled bulb to emit light 300% brighter then the halogen bulb. It uses electical current to ignite that xenon gas. The xenon bulbs are much more durable, and longer lasting then the halogen bulb. Intrigue HID kit will now have xenon bulbs that have a life expectancy of 3000 hours compared to 250 hours of the halogen bulb. So rest assured that purchasing an Intrigue HID kit from us is wise decision that is backed by our one year warranty.

    LSS HID KIT (10)

    Your Oldsmobile LSS vehicle could be a perfect one but without good headlights, it could make you get plunge into ditches or potholes during poor visibility or the darkest nights. The only option that remains for you is to get the Oldsmobile LSS HID headlights which are built to give you the best lights ever. The HID Conversion Kit is just but unique and will give you the light which is three times the halogen lights. These heavy duty headlights with Xenon lighting system are built perfectly to give you the maximum light that you may require despite the extent of darkness. The lumen that the kit gives will not only illuminate the road selectively but will enable your see the road at all best front angles. Why fail to get this quality proven HID headlights and see the darkness disappear many miles away from you? The prices are after market giving you a reason to smile whenever you buy.


    The HID headlights are the only vehicle headlights which give you brand of Oldsmobile Regency model the reason to cruise ahead of other motorists during low visibility or the pitch darkness. The Oldsmobile Regency headlights and the HID Conversion Kits are built to give you the brightest light ever. Some of the features portrayed by the Oldsmobile HID headlights and Conversion Kits are that they are waterproof, they are independently tested and the results have proved the HID Kits to be 100% reliable for your vehicle headlight needs, the headlights offer lumen brightness and are ISO-9001 Certified. The wiring of these specialized HID Kits is simplified to reduce any installation irregularities. The HID replacement Conversion Kit made by the only outstanding light making company Philips is also available for you. At only $269, you will get the Philips HID Kit 4300K or 6000K which is bi-Xenon and available in all sizes. We promise you a 1 year warranty whenever your buy a HID Conversion Kit or Headlights.


    Silhouette HID Kit engineering is at its best in todays age of technological advancement. We provide incredible HID xenon technology backed with full one year warranty for your silhouette. The installation is simple and quick with the instructions that we provide. The kits are a complete plug and play no modifications required. Get the best Oldsmobile Xenon HID headlight and HID Conversion Kit at very affordable price you ever imagined. Even though cheap, this heavy duty headlights gives the lumen lights meant to see you drive safely and steadily. The HID Conversion Kits come in unique variety meant to give you the best gift for better vision even in the pitch darkness. Amazingly, none of these HID Kits are left without independent test for headlights which they have exceptionally passed. Because of their extraordinary quality, Oldsmobile Silhouette HID Conversion Kits have an internationally recognized ISO-9001 and E-Mark of quality. So what remains that you think this superb vehicle lights could not give? The HID replacement Kits are also available for your burnt bulbs and ballasts. Surprisingly, the Conversion Kits are meant to work for 3000hours which means your Oldsmobile car will use it for the rest of its road life. We give you an after sales service warranty of 1 year, this will make you even feel secure as you use it because you can always come back incase of any problem.

Oldsmobile HID Kit are a revolutionary concept in automotive lighting. The Hid kit comes as a complete plus and play kit. It replaces all the halogen bulbs with some of the following xenon HID bulbs: H1,H3,H4,H7,H11,9004,9005,9006 and 9007. Oldsmobile HID Kit are designed for motor vehicles to be a safety feature for drivers. It allows better night visibility by being 3 times brighter, and also lighting 75% of the road ahead, instead of 30% of the halogen bulb. With that in mind drivers will able to identify obstacles earlier and take the precautionary measures that they need to avoid them. Oldsmobile HID Kit come with xenon bulbs. Xenon bulbs are called that because they contain xenon gas. The gas reacts to electrical current and burns much whiter and brighter. There are different degrees of xenon bulbs available that allow for different color out put from the bulb These are a few different bulb degree applications: 3000K (Golden Yellow) , 4300K (Bright White), 5000K (white), 6000K (Crystal White),8000K (Crystal Blue), 10000K (Aqua Blue), 12000K (Purple-Blue).