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The S type is a exotic vehicle and deserves the best in aftermarket add-ons. Buy S Type HID Kit 00-UP at the best prices. We carry S Type HID Kit 00-UP instock ready to ship. S Type HID Kit 00-UP are custom for your vehicle. If you own an elegant car such as the Jaguar S-type you surely want the best accessories and upgrades possible. In the field of car lighting systems, we present you with the most complete collection of Xenon HID Kits, all custom designed for your Jaguar. Manufactured and tested by the best car lighting specialists around the world, these HID Kits are the perfect replacement for the standard factory headlight bulbs you currently posses. They will give your vehicle the efficiency and reliability you’ve always thrived for, as this top quality Xenon HID Kits are a safety bonus you can’t possibly refuse!