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Suburbans have been around for decades. They have been in the American family through the good and through the bad. Has provided transportation for families and workers alike with great reliability and safety. That is why Suburban HID kit is the right upgrade for you SUV, if you have a newer, one or an older one, we have a complete plug and play kit for you. Its time to increase the night visibility and turn it into day. Chevrolet Suburban HID kits come in sizes such as 9006 – Low beam, 9005 High beam and 880 for your fog lights. The suburban HID kit can be described as bulbs for all seasons because of the many ups and downs that they have gone through and survived thus making them the most reliable bulbs in the market today. If you need any kind of upgrade for your car then you definitely have to go for the suburban HID kit, they will always turn your nights into day. The models are unique as they come with both the low beam and the high beam kits therefore it doesn’t matter what kind of lighting you require for your car they will suit you in every situation .