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Chevy Lumina HID Kit upgrade for that bright headlight you have been looking for. The Chevrolet Lumina uses 9006 and 9005 bulbs for the low and high beam. From 1995-2001 the Chevrolet Lumina has used the same headlight design thus the same bulbs. Our HID kit will work on factory headlights or even aftermarket Lumina headlights that are on the market. Xenon Lumina HID kit helps you in getting the desire bright headlight that you have always dreamt of. This is used in many Chevrolet vehicles, it uses 9005 and 9006 bulbs for both high and low beam, the Lumina HID kit use the same headlight design and bulbs, it basically works with any headlight that appears to be the latest in the market. The 8000K for example provides excellent lighting as compared to the traditional halogen headlights; you should not forget that it has the xenon which apparently increases the beam of light especially at night. The Lumina HID kit better still comes with a twelve month warranty just incase of any defects.