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DTS HID Kit brightness is unbeatable, and the price right now is just right. With a 110% price match guaranty, you can rest assured that our price will not be beaten, and our quality will not be matched. We provide everything from HID kits, xenon replacement bulbs and ballasts for OEM and for aftermarket hid kits. Do not be fooled with imitation xenon bulbs, which are only halogen bulbs that are painted blue, get the real thing get your true xenons here. Cadillac DTS is a prestigious vehicle that is popular for its swiftness on the road. This sedan comes with a powerful engine and a spacious interior whose seats are adjustable. The leather seats are adjustable and guarantee you extreme comfort. It’s incredible Cadillac DTS HID kit is one of the best features in this special car. Yu ill find it very vital during the night since the HID headlights provide you ample road coverage. You ill be able to see the oncoming traffic as well as the passengers on the road. It is a quality product manufactured with strong materials to meet the highest standards. You Will enjoy driving in the thick forests since it improves the lighting system of your car. It is a useful and reliable since it is durable and reflects more light for longer. It is a very affordable product that is genuine and effective in its functions. Regain your confidence while driving at night by investing in this marvelous kit.