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You definitely got something to change your night rides that have looked boring over the years. There is the new Mitsubishi mighty max designed with the latest technology that has brought a new revolution in the lighting circle of vehicles. It is a plug and play xenon HID kit that does not give you little or no trouble when fitting on your car. Mighty Max xenon HID kit is also available in varying sizes and colors to provide you with the options to make your choice. These HID kit has the pedigree to save power; that’s, it uses only35W hence stands out as a three times e4ffecient HID kit when compared with the halogen bulbs. Besides it’s easy to install character, it lasts longer (it survives for over 2500 hours and has a four year free maintenance. Mighty Max HID kit is known to produce over 300% of brightness hence provides an added percentage in the distance. Above all, this HID kit is affordable and is a real lighting friend you can purchase for your car.