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HID bulbs for Q5 and ballasts are a common changed item on your model. You can add HID to your fog lights. Change interior LED bulbs etc.. Audi q5 is compact car in the class of crossover SUV. It has unique body and it’s available in 5-door estate or station wagon. the engine is in the front part longitudinal ,the 3.o liter v6 engine is very powerful able to produce a high rate of horse power .power is transmitted to the four wheels via six speed manual or six speed automatic transmission ,the car is available in four wheel drive. You can have your car installed with Audi q5 hid kit. This is a light system which provides powerful light which shines with brightness like that of a sunlight. This kit has been designed to last long and it consists of three parts which works together, they include a bulb, ballast and a starter. The starter receives signal/current and send it to ballast to be increased which is therefore send to bulb which produces ideal light for driving during the night.