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Mini cooper JCW clubman is a long luxurious car that has two doors for four passengers and a front wheel drive where only the two front wheels receive momentum force from the engine. It’s wheels are made of alloy to offer you the fun you need when driving. It was manufactured in Geneva in the year 2008. It has 1.6 liter engine that will offer you the much needed fuel economy. It also has stability control system incase you lose control of your car. Mini cooper JCW clubman hid kit is the source of hid lights; the kit is available in different sizes to accommodate your car and hid means high intensity light discharge. Your mini cooper JCW requires hid kit for your headlights so that you are able to see a wide coverage of road while driving. HID kit is source of xenon lights of automotive light that produces more light as compared to halogen headlights. This is the chance to improve your vehicle’s lighting system.