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XLR HID Kit lighting, what is the big deal? Why is there such a great buzz around this product? Well the xenon HID kits are type of lighting system that greatly increases your headlights brightness, increasing road visibility at night. There are a lot of manufacturers coming out with these systems preinstalled on to their vehicles. Now you can have the same lighting system for hundreds less then what the factory would charge for that upgrade. It is powered by a 4.6 litter v8 engine, producing 320 horse powers. The Cadillac XLR performance of the car can not be compared to any other. Latest accessories are in the vehicle including a scientific global positioning system. The unique features include the four doors with enough space for your cargo. The car has enough leg room so you will not strain even if you have long legs. For security the cars are fitted with air bags on all sides of the car. Beautiful heated leather seats and a beautiful wood finish interior compliments the beauty of the car. Cadillac XLR hid lights are the best invention to be installed on the car. The lights will safe guard you from dangerous accidents that may occur due to blindness. The HID headlight kit is a simple device that can make you safer than any other driver on the road. Due to the HID light bulbs inside the light it self, you can see more clearly than when using the ordinary light. As a safety measure the hid lights come with a warranty and a repair manual for you to have easy time while using them. Te lights will not disappoint you.