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HID Kit for TT 06-09 at the best prices. We carry HID Kit for 06-09 in stock ready to ship. TT HID Kit 06-09 are custom for your vehicle. Audi TT plus a HID kit equals one sexy car. The xenon lights are being offered on many vehicles these days from the factory and many aftermarket retailers. We are considered to be one of the fastest and best to deal with in the industry. So you purchase from us with confidence that your kit will guarantied for one year.

TT HID kits are available at the best prices. Shipping of stock is done by the manufacturers. An Audi TT and a Xenon kit equals to the finest car for you. Its Xenon lights are considered the best products and its manufacturers the best company. A purchase of a Xenon kit means 1 year warranty. TT light bulbs have been tested and found to be reliable by an ISO-9001 certified factory. Xenon lights are 100% water proof. Its integrated one piece Ballast, simplified wiring makes it easy to install. TT light bulbs have a failure rate of 0.3% its color tolerance is +/-100, which is unnoticed by human eyes. TT HID kits lumen is superior and comparable to the best quality light bulbs from Bosch Japan.