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HHR HID Kit 04-UP at the best prices and are custom for your vehicle. The HHR which almost replicates the PT cruiser is touch of old school with the refinements of new age technology. And now you can enhance that technology by enhancing your lighting. A xenon bulb uses less electrical current, is more durable for vibrations when you’re going over bumps, and has a life expectancy that surpasses that halogen bulb. So the questions are why are you not seeing the road with your HID kit yet. The xenon HHR hid kits off your vehicle the best enhancements to your lighting and are more economical as they use less electrical current and are resistant to vibrations and shakes thus are more durable than the halogen bulbs and the blend of old school technology with other refinements of new technology makes it unique type of lighting. If you want to give your car that exotic look while at the same time looking for quality then look no further. these kits are 100% plug and play and there is no need to cut. Its water proof construction enables this kit to function correctly even when immersed in water. So no need to worry about the weather, just take a drive.