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Lexus RX 350 bulbs and LED upgrades can be found below.

Lexus RX is a beautiful crossover whose luxurious exterior is admirable. It is a high powered model with excellent features. Experience a fantastic ride in a well designed vehicle that exhibits elegance and prestige. Your Lexus RX HID kit is a product that will enhance your lighting and improve your vehicles appearance. Your HID headlights discharge high intensity light that enhances road coverage. The HID headlights also enable you to Drive with confidence on the darkest road since reflection of their light is clearly visible. Your kit has actually been tested to suit your specific model and is available in different sizes, designs and colors. It is a quality product produces longer lasting light. Your Hid kit is very easy to maintain and is durable saving you the cost of replacing every now and then. With this magnificent product you are assured of your own safety as well as that of your family while driving during the night. It is affordable and very effective in its functions.