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We offer custom kits for your Buick Regal at rock bottom prices. Buick regal is a car model which was manufactured by general motors. It has been categorized in the class of mid size cars. The cars body style can be found either in four doors, sedan or two door coupe. The engine layout is front with a platform which is a-body type. The car is powered by an engine size 231 cu which a 3.8 liter v6 transmission is being via a three speed turbo hydromantic. Buick regal has Avery good lightening system which no other light system is giving it competition. Buick regal hid kit is the best lightening system which allows the driver to see absolutely everything while driving is it during the night or rainy days. It gives you the confidence to drive at night with no fear of anything. It lights for long and shines with brightness which makes you enjoy while you driving.