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Find replacement bulbs and ballasts for your GX 460 including kits. Exorbitance is the best adjective that is used to describe this car model. The Lexus gx automobile is a v8 engine which has a capacity of 4.6 liters. This type of engine gives you a moderate driving speed and consumes little fuel. The car is also installed with safety devices such as the air bag so that any car impact does not affect you greatly. Its steering wheel can offer you a good glimpse and therefore increase your performance when you are driving. For an improved vision when you are driving in dark spots, there is the Lexus Gx hid kit which has been made for your car. This kit has the lighting content which is quite efficient and long lasting. You are required to install this kit to your car for an improved performance. The hid kit is made from quality materials hence; you are assured of longevity in its use. Install it to your automobile for clarity in your vision mode.