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The CTS is one of the most elegant looking Cadillacs made to date. With its sleek lines and beautiful LED taillights its a masterpiece and considered to be in a league of its own. Xenon lights were introduced on the CTS as an OEM option. CTS HID Kit 02-05 at the best prices. We carry CTS HID Kit 02-05 in stock ready to ship. CTS HID Kit 02-05 are custom for your vehicle. Cadillac cts is a midsized sedan hose décor is simply appealing. Its interior comes with alluring features that are simply exorbitant. It has a spacious interior and with adjustable and heated front seats The Cadillac CTS HID kit has been thoroughly tested in harsh conditions and proven to be the best in the market. Lighting technology has unveiled the latest HID headlights to give you more road coverage during the night. Your HID kit is a very simple product that is portable and easy to install. The HID backlights illuminate brighter and clear reflections at a further distance. You are guaranteed of safer driving and accident free environment during the night. Your HID kit is equipped with efficient HID bulbs that will enhance you vehicle’s lighting system and improve the appearance of your vehicle. They are beautiful HID headlights that provides it with an appealing look and a highly complement the design of your model. The HID kit comes in various sizes, shapes and color to suit your model.