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The Volkswagen R32 is a great sports car built on the Golf patform. This vehicle comes with a 6 cylinder engine packing some punch. If your R32 did not come with xenon headlights its time to upgrade with a R32 HID kit. A favorite for a lot of college students, the Volkswagen R32 brings large performance in a small, hatchback package. The R32 is a zippy little car that is one of Volkswagen’s small sized cars that has plenty of room for interior drivers and passengers. It is an affordable car with gas mileage to fit a busy schedule. The headlights of the Volkswagen R32 are slanted eye-shaped designs that add a mean look to its front face. The front headlights can be transformed into higher, brighter light headlights. HID, or xenon front lights, can be added after market to give the car a unique shine.