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Install our state of the art Prowler HID Kit to spruce up the looks of your Plymouth car. Feel the difference that HID lights give you so that you can handle your vehicle confidently even at night. See the magic of HID lights at work. Go for our high intensity discharge lights and enjoy years of trouble free service. HID lights have a much longer lifespan. While the average service life of halogen lamps is between 450 and 1000 hours, the average service life of HID lamps is about 2000 hours. Thus HID lamps help you reduce costs in the long run. We have the best lineup of HID lights for the Plymouth family. This includes products from some of the best companies that manufacture HID lights for the Plymouth and other world class cars. Check out our comprehensive collection of headlights for your car from the best manufacturers in the industry. Prowler HID Kit 97-04 at the best prices. We carry Prowler HID Kit 97-04instock ready to ship. Prowler HID Kit 97-04 are custom for your vehicle.