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STS HID Kit are available as an OEM option from the factory, and also as an aftermarket upgrade. The STS which was produced first in 2005 is the successor of the Seville. This vehicle is known for its northstar system that comes with the power full aluminum built V8 engine. The engine produces 320 hp that are transferred to a rear wheel drive system. It was considered to be one of the more expensive sedans from Cadillac. This is a four wheel drive car with high performance and good road stability. Cadillac STS uses a v8 engine that has a fuel holding capacity of 4.6 litters generating 320 horse power with good fuel consumption ability and low emissions despite its size and road performance. It is well equipped with standard modern features like the positioning systems that improve the road stability and performance of your car. It also has quality entertainment features for maximum comfort when having your daily ride.Cadillac STS hid kits are well installed which help in improving your road visibility while driving. The hid lights installed have different power provision capability so that you can be able to use the most suitable one depending on where you are driving through. It has the high beam lights and the low beam lights which are used at different intervals and are comfortable to the human eye. Before send to the market for sale it is fully installed with this software.