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The Dodge Ram is a symbol of Dodge: Power, Heavy Duty and Rugged. If you love your Ram as much as we do ours, we recommend you upgrade its headlights! Upgrade your headlights with Xenon kits as shown below. Each kit will come ready to install, specific to your model. Just tell us the Year/Make/Model of your vehicle and you can be assured to get the kit to fit your headlights. HID for your Ram truck are easy to install! If you need to replace or upgrade your ram truck’s lighting then these xenon kits are just meant for you. They are a symbol of power and long life that your truck requires and the kits come specifically to suit your model and are easy to install. Different models are also available to suit the different requirements that every truck may have. They will also help you solve different problems especially using the TWO hid problem eliminator plugs that corrects the problem of annoying bulbs by smoothing out the voltage and provides constant power to the hid kit conversionkit thus eliminating the flickering lights. This is a solution for those who wish to get over the problem caused by the aftermarket hid kits so you can finally take a deep sigh of relief.