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SC2 HID Kit 01-03 at the best prices. We carry SC2 HID Kit 01-03 instock ready to ship. SC2 HID Kit 01-03 are custom for your vehicle. SC2 is an emerging Saturn model of car. These cars usually have a luxury look with bright headlights, which is one reason why many opt to buy one. However, normal bulbs are neither very bright nor efficient for such models. Fortunately Xenon HID kits are available for the SC2 model which provides high quality lights. HID lights work due to electrical discharge, thereby emitting much brighter light. In addition, HID lights are very economical since they use less power under normal conditions and therefore have a long lifespan, usually up to a maximum of 10 years. Hence, Xenon HID kits are the best solution for high quality bulbs.