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The Dodge Viper is an ultimate sports car packing some punch. If your a Viper owner you love to modify cars! The Viper has endless possibilities, but one department which you can easily improve is the lighting system. The headlights on the Viper look good, but they do not perform as expected on the road. The addition of an HID kit can gain you substantial improvement. If you own a dodge viper, then viper HID Kit is the best for you to make great modifications for your vehicle. Viper HID Kit has endless possibilities for you, with great chances of improving on your lighting system more than anything else on your dodge model. Viper HID Kit further provides the best headlights for your vehicle though they may not perform perfectly well on the roads, it basically adds a notable improvement for your car. It is highly recommendable that these bulbs be fitted in pairs because discoloration might appear on both the life, older bulb and new one. Do this xenon replacement after every two years to ensure the finest lighting performance.