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Silhouette HID Kit engineering is at its best in todays age of technological advancement. We provide incredible HID xenon technology backed with full one year warranty for your silhouette. The installation is simple and quick with the instructions that we provide. The kits are a complete plug and play no modifications required.

Get the best Oldsmobile Xenon HID headlight and HID Conversion Kit at very affordable price you ever imagined. Even though cheap, this heavy duty headlights gives the lumen lights meant to see you drive safely and steadily. The HID Conversion Kits come in unique variety meant to give you the best gift for better vision even in the pitch darkness. Amazingly, none of these HID Kits are left without independent test for headlights which they have exceptionally passed. Because of their extraordinary quality, Oldsmobile Silhouette HID Conversion Kits have an internationally recognized ISO-9001 and E-Mark of quality. So what remains that you think this superb vehicle lights could not give? The HID replacement Kits are also available for your burnt bulbs and ballasts. Surprisingly, the Conversion Kits are meant to work for 3000hours which means your Oldsmobile car will use it for the rest of its road life. We give you an after sales service warranty of 1 year, this will make you even feel secure as you use it because you can always come back incase of any problem.