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You really don’t need much as long as you have the Zephyr HID Kit within your Lincoln Zephyr model. The 30000K kit for instance, gives out triple powerful lights on the road while most of the other lights only give only a single lights power. They also use the savvy xenon bulbs and not the halogen bulbs that are less durable and less powerful. If you want to get that look about your car that will leave other car owners and pedestrians alike gaping and marveling then the Zephyr HID Kit is the way to go to get the out of the ordinary look you’ve so long craved. The Zephyr HID Kit is given to you with a warranty that runs for the very long period of 12 months, showing that the actual lifetime of the headlights and bulbs outlasts your car’s lifetime. Don’t accept anything other than the Zephyr HID Kit as you will be accepting a low quality kit in return.