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Villager HID kit is one of the most unique and most used kits of all time. It has been independently tested over time and prove to be the most reliable kit and at the same time offering excellent brightness for your vehicle. This has been done while comparing with other kits on the market. Villager HID Kit basically has the best lumen output compared to other quality bulbs on the market so far. What’s more is that you can submerge the kit under water and no destruction whatsoever will be done. If anything, you will find the kit working extremely well; the logic here is that the kit is 100% water proof, such a great feature indeed. You will also have the ability of doing the installation all by yourself, in fact all within a couple of seconds and you’re done. You will find a variety of kits in the market on the, market, but you will never find one like the villager HID Kit; try it out today!