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It’s a special product designed to meet all your lighting needs during the night and sexier looks on the magic Audi car. The sporty feeling is readily fixed on the car when the hid kit for A6 05-09 is fitted as a head kit for the machine. The old halogen lighting system is a foregone problem since they are replaced with the new xenon technology where the xenon lights are known to give three times light than halogen head kits. The varieties of A6 hid kit 05-09 are great species to select from. They include hid kit for A6 05-09 D2S/D2R ballast, A6 hid kit 05-09 6000K, A6 hid kit D2S bulbs higher k pair and many more. They provide the magic xenon kit for your Audi.

A6 HID Kit 05-09 at the best prices. We carry A6 HID Kit 05-09 in stock ready to ship. A6 HID Kit 05-09 are custom for your vehicle. Do not fall for imitation xenon bulbs, and xenon upgrades that don’t work we guaranty absolute best pricing, fitment, and quality. Your A6 will be lighting the streets with xenon technology in no time.