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Buick Enclave HID Kit at great prices. Choose from Buick Enclave HID Kits for all years. These kits come backed with a one year no questions asked warranty. The Enclave HID kit comes complete with everything needed for installation, they come with installation instructions, and are a complete plug and play system, no wiring cutting no splicing no soldering. Play a vital role in saving the environment by using our Buick Enclave HID lights for your car. Our HID lights are truly eco friendly when compared to less technologically advance lighting devices like halogen lamps used in almost all traditional headlights. Start using our HID lights and save the damage caused to the environment from inefficient use of energy. Vehicle fitted with HID lighting by nature produce lesser carbon dioxide emission and hence are more eco friendly. An electric arc produces the light in a HID lamp. The high intensity of this arc is basically due to the presence of metallic salts that are vaporized within the arc chamber. HID or High Intensity Discharge lights produce a much brighter beam of light for the same amount of voltage as when compared to a halogen lamp. Hence you, the car driver get more usable light for the same amount of voltage.