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SLK HID KIT 05-09 is one of the latest inventions from the Mercedes Company. It is also unique, of elegant style and most importantly of great performance. It comes in different models as well giving you a variety to choose from. The bulbs are made of xenon, giving your car a brighter look and more still, and perfect visibility especially at light. Unlike the traditional halogen bulbs, xenon has the kind of quality to rely on plus it is stylish and come in at the best prices. The installation of the SLK HID kit is a basic do it yourself activity and will only take a couple of your minutes before the whole thing is fixed. The kit has been passed through a couple of tests to ensure that it offers the best service to your car. What’s even amazing is that SLK HID Kit come with warranty against defects; you don’t have any reason to miss on this. In fact you have every reason to get one for your car today.