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Lexus SC ISF sport cars. These vehicles are Lexus sport car models with performance engines and looks. If you have an SC or IS-F you can appreciate an HID kit upgrade for your headlights or fog lights. We advise you to buy now the 6000K, 10000K and the 30000K Lexus SC ISF Coupes HID kit and begin experiencing lights power. For only $ 109.99 a piece, you will be able to upgrade your car to levels that will keep your competitors wondering why they were left so behind when you were innovating a new light experience. Adding the xenon kit to the whole set up will also means that you have leant from the mistakes of the unsafe, non-performing halogen bulbs and you are geared for a whole better experience. The headlights provide a very clear and sharp focus lights able to illuminate even in the very pitch-black road as you come out of that evening party with friends. Above all else, with the bulbs affixed on your car, you will be able to induce the very best performance that a car you have ever owned as ever experienced.