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We offer the best HID kits for your Golf MK5. You may need HID adapters as shown below for your installation. If you are looking for a fast and comfortable car then you need to see the Volkswagen golf mk5. It is powered by a 1.6 litter engine producing 140 horse powers. The car has the latest accessories to give you the comfort that you need. The beautiful interior has been complimented with state of the art leather seats. The car is very economical in the consumption of fuel. It uses a six speed manual transmission. Volkswagen golf mk5 hid kit; the replacement of halogen lamps by the hid light whose bulbs uses xenon gas, its very economical since it can produce almost three times the light that was been produced by the halogen lamps. The kit also consists of a hid conventional which gives you the ability to control the beam light to either low or high. The price is very affordable get one for your car and it will last for long.