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SLK HID Kit 98-04 come in with amazing features that will leave folks around you wishing they’d own one. The good thin about the 98-04 kit is that it is custom for your vehicle and come in at the best prices; in fact it comes with warranty against damages, therefore you will be assured of its performance at any cost. If you have been having problems lately, especially with visibility at night, then it will soon be a dream. With the SLK HID Kit 98-04, you will have a more comfortable ride at night. Considering the fact that the bulbs are made of xenon, you will have a clearer view since they are strong and powerful than the traditional halogen headlights. Replacements can be done at any time, once you have the KIT then you can easily do the replacement all by yourself. You have no reason whatsoever to miss out on the great offer; if anything you should be purchasing it right now!