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Your Oldsmobile LSS vehicle could be a perfect one but without good headlights, it could make you get plunge into ditches or potholes during poor visibility or the darkest nights. The only option that remains for you is to get the Oldsmobile LSS HID headlights which are built to give you the best lights ever. The HID Conversion Kit is just but unique and will give you the light which is three times the halogen lights. These heavy duty headlights with Xenon lighting system are built perfectly to give you the maximum light that you may require despite the extent of darkness. The lumen that the kit gives will not only illuminate the road selectively but will enable your see the road at all best front angles. Why fail to get this quality proven HID headlights and see the darkness disappear many miles away from you? The prices are after market giving you a reason to smile whenever you buy.