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Safari Vans have been helping American consumers transport passengers and cargo for decades now. We have been providing Safari HID kit upgrades for more than 5 years, and been providing automotive parts since 1991. We take pride in saying that we are in the automotive business for the love of the automobile, and the automobile industries. This Safari HID kit provides the best upgrade. Xenon kits are exactly your tool for life. Buy them here with a click and they are ready to be shipped in 24 to 48 hours at your doorstep. We offer all kinds of HID upgrades for your Safari the range goes from 6000K to 30000K kits, along with this we offer quality accessories to complete your upgrade from the low quality halogen lighting to the true HID lighting these accessories include the digital slim ballast for efficient transmission of power from battery to the bulbs and the wire harness to avoid any short circuit because of loose wiring. Our hid kit installs in 3 easy steps, the package contains an installation guide for more information on installing the HID kit on your Safari. Xenon kits have a brightness of 3 times than halogen bulbs. All our products pass the ISO quality certification. These light bulbs are 100% water proof and have a negligible failure rate. Safari HID kits are comparable to that of OEM HIDS. Their temperature output is very low which is not even noticeable by human eyes which makes them very energy efficient.