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New for 2010 2010+ Suzuki Kizashi HID Kits offer you bright light at a low price. Suzuki is a leading company which specializes on manufacturing compact automobiles. It makes vehicles according to the customers desire ranging from motorcycles all terrain vehicles marine engines and wheelchairs. It is the 9th largest automobile manufacturer in the world the manufacturing is under the Suzuki motor cooperation which is Japanese multinational cooperation it produces small cars and trucks Suzuki has the off road ability it has unique headlight and car lighting bulb Suzuki vitara is perfect and latest model that comes withal facilities you need. It has a xenon hid lights and latest head lights which can make you comfortable at all times night or day. It has extra day light system Xenon comes in different sizes and colors. Suzuki company helps you to select the correct setup for your vehicle based on the model choose for your head lights high beam, low beam or fog lights ballast are long lasting and light bulbs are quality and reliable