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BMW X6 Lights are well known to offer the highest level of visibility. With these lights you need not worry whether it would be possible to see you way through the dark maze of the night. One peculiar aspect and in fact the most incredible is the adaptive brake lights that constitute the feature of the BMW X6. The adaptive brake lights work in a classy way so as when you make the normal standard braking, the lights will glow as customary. But on the other hand after an emergency brake the lights will blink and glow sporadically per second to warn the incoming vehicles. This adds up to the well though out safety mechanism. The BMW X6 headlights are sensors that though optional generate a well tuned variable light that monitors the speed of the car, the angle of the steering wheel and the yaw rate. All this enable the calculation of the progression of the curve. With an additional Xenon capability, an electromechanical march is created which together with a low beam compliment when the car turns either right or left, gives the greatest illumination by the BMW X6 Lights.