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Add more value and excitement to your lavish and thrilling Porsche 928 car by upgrading it with a Porsche 928 xenon kit to buffer it from any breakdown or performance failure. With the xenon kit installed in your car’s system, you will enjoy safe and reliable drive through dark nights as well as foggy or rainy conditions that require more visibility. The kit’s light intensity is such powerful as to penetrate even through covering on the headlight. HID kits do not compromise the beauty of your car be it while they are on or when they are off. When off the look is stunning, on the other hand when lit it emits beams of different color temperatures that are cool to and appealing to the eye. Other benefits linked to HID kits include easy and guaranteed fitment, cheap purchasing prices, proven functionality and long lifespan. This is a must have upgrade for your car. There is really no reason for you to be hesitant about getting this one of a kind custom upgrade.