F355 HID KIT 95-99

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The F355 is a classic Ferrari with amazing looks. It has a highly noticeable image that screams Ferrari. The F355 never came with HIDs from factory, and viability at night is not great. A lighting improvement is necessary to get the maximum look in your vehicle. You have come to the right place if you want a F355 HID Kit 95-99 at the best price. We carry Ferrari F355 HID Kit in stock ready to ship. F355 are made from 1995-1999 and have pop-up headlights, so installation of a F355 HID kit require removal of your headlights. Don’t forget, you can also install HID in your fog lights. This must be done from under the vehicle, under the plastic panels. The bulb size, you don’t need to worry about, just tell us when ordering.