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It is typical that the Jeeps do not have the HID Kits as an OEM upgrade, but giving your Jeep the Xenon filled kits will give your Compass an ability to illuminate the evening like no other garget can. The xenon filled bulb is more powerful in fact thrice more powerful than the halogen filled bulbs so people are changing to xenon bulbs. Do not remain being as people take necessary changes towards improving their vehicles lighting abilities. As you take your Jeep out for a little of fun that might go up to the in the night you should not feel afraid of darkness and causing accidents that are not necessary just because you have a poor lighting bulb in your off-road car, just get these after market xenon bulbs at an affordable price from our stores and you shall never be afraid. The bulbs can illuminate up to 75% of the road a head giving you the ability to have a good driving experience without straining anymore.