• 626 HID KIT

    626 HID KIT (10)

    626 HID Kit 98-02 at the best prices. We carry 626 HID Kit 98-02 instock ready to ship. 626 HID Kit 98-02 are custom for your vehicle. The Mazda 626 comes with H4 bulbs from factory in 1998-2002. Check out our offer for Mazda 626 HID Kits, suitable for all models from 1998 to 2002. These Xenon HID Kits are an easy to install, affordable upgrade that will help your car benefit the latest technical solutions in the field of car lighting. Just remove the hood, take out the old factory headlight bulbs and install the new xenon HID Kit. It only takes minutes and the results will surely satisfy you, as this upgrade will not only boost the looks of your car but will also bring a new safety and efficiency standard you’ve always thrived for!
  • B2600 HID KIT

    B2600 HID KIT (10)

    The Mazda model of cars has outlasted many of the other cars with its very innovative and spirited makeup and functionality. High and top notch performance has always been that basic tenet of the model and the Mazda B2600 HID Kit is part of that innovative spirit. You can affix the kit so easily because, offered to you together with the kit, is a guide book that is so simplified that even an elementary kid can quickly grasp the whole idea. Our all inclusive shop has a variety of the best HID options from the wire harness, ballasts, the bulbs and the digital slim ballasts among many other options that will get you all worked up with excitement. If you buy the 10000K or the more powerful 30000K you are assured of an upgraded performance that will leave you all satisfied which is one of our basic goal. You will not be worried about lights ever again if you put the Mazda B2600 HID Kit in your car.
  • B3000 HID KIT

    B3000 HID KIT (10)

    Mazda B3000 HID Kit apart from putting the best headlights on the Mazda B3000 also improves the ability for visibility as a driver drives away. The curved bulbs are easy to install and therefore does not require any external help and can as a result save on cost. The brightness of lights such as the bulb found in an HID kit glows all over the ring. Mazda B3000 HID Kit and its lights have xenon which has triple times more light out put compared to the below standard halogen counterpart. The illumination is also pretty bluer and consequently improves the overall visual effect on the eyes. The headlights can be gotten of forms made of glass and not the traditional plastic. This is important because the hot head of the car’s engine has a tendency to burn the plastic and cannot do the same damage to glass. Be sure to get yourself a bulb for your B3000 before they run out.
  • B4000 HID KIT

    B4000 HID KIT (10)

    Mazda B4000 HID Kit with Light Bulbs is a new sensation in the market creating a classy illumination second to very few others. This kind of bulb use the xenon for lighting bulbs, this is more effective for those drivers who drive recklessly and those who pick nights to make their trips. The lights are also effective during day time especially in foggy times. The Mazda B4000 conversion kit is also fixed on the cars form for effective light display. The bulb gives illumination twice the normal halogen lights and they are of different types one of them being the standard model, and harness model. These headlights are powerful and on market for all motorists. Their rings are bent by machines which eventually gives a more rounded finish which displays a very nice sleek ambiance about the Mazda B4000. Don’t be left out when others get a feel of the classy and cheap illumination easily accessible.
  • CX-7 HID KIT

    CX-7 HID KIT (10)

    Why not upgrade the headlights on your CX-7 with an aftermarket CX-7 HID Kit. They are easy to install and come with 1 year warranty. You simply cannot go wrong. You own a Mazda CX-7 and you think you can upgrade it to an even better looking and safer vehicle? We know you can, as we have the answer! An upgrade of your factory headlight bulbs to one of our Xenon HID Kits custom designed for your CX-7 vehicle will surely tell the difference! Our kits are easy to install, they come with a 1 year warranty and they are manufactured by the best world class specialists in the field of car lighting! Your solution is simple: browse through our offer of CX-7 custom designed HID kits, choose your option and let us know!
  • CX-9 HID KIT

    CX-9 HID KIT (10)

    The Mazda CX-8 model won the North American Truck of the Year Award at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2008. An award that surely classifies the car as a reliable, quality product! If you own a CX-8, you are probably concerned with the safety and efficiency factors of your vehicle, so our new offer of custom designed xenon HID kits might be of interest to you! Top quality products from the world’s best manufacturers, brought to you for the best prices on the market, these HID kits are easy to install and a very reliable replacement solution for your factory headlight bulbs.

    MAZDA2 HID KIT (10)

    We offer lighting upgrades such as bulbs, HID and xenon for your Mazda 2. It is a very cheap small luxurious sports car with very high fuel economy. It was manufactured by Mazda in the year 1996 till today. It has alloy wheels that look very attractive. Once you buy Mazda, know that it always have a warranty. Mazda mazda2 also has front seat airbags. It is the best attractive car to get for your sporting needs without spending much money; it is able to move on such a very high speed to match your sporting needs. Mazda mazda2 hid kit is the perfect solution for your headlight bulbs, the hid will allow you enjoy your sporting experiences even in dark areas without getting yourself into accidents; this is because hid kit allows you to have hid light that produces more light out put as they are made from xenon unlike the old halogen source. Hid kit bulbs are available in different colors allowing you to choose the color that you are compatible with.

    MAZDA3 HID KIT (10)

    3 HID Kit 04-UP at the best prices. We carry 3 HID Kit 04-UP instock ready to ship. 3 HID Kit 04-UP are custom for your vehicle. The Mazda3 is a well received and much appreciated vehicle which proved its qualities in these 6 years since the line was launched on the market. If you would like to further increase the capabilities and efficiency of your Mazda3, all you have to do is check out our offer of Xenon HID Kits, the best replacement solution for your usual factory headlight bulbs. By installing one of our kits, you’ll benefit the best engineering products in the field of car lighting systems, all this for an unbeatable price and an easy to install kit that will upgrade your car in just a few minutes!

    MAZDA5 HID KIT (10)

    Bring your Mazda5 up to date with the latest car lighting solutions currently available on the market! Custom designed for your car model, manufactured and tested by the best producers in the world, and brought to you for the best prices available, these xenon HID kits will easily replace your old factory headlight bulbs and provide you with the benefits of a better, safer and more efficient lighting system! Just check out our offer and choose a solution that best fits your needs! With our HID kits, it’s easy, it’s cheap and you’ll only get top quality lighting products for your vehicle!

    MAZDA6 HID KIT (10)

    Now you can provide your elegant Mazda6 car with the best available lighting system! Optimize your vehicle by replacing your usual factory headlight bulbs with one of our xenon HID Kit solutions. It’s easy and affordable, as we offer the best products for the most competitive prices on the market! It’s the best solution if you want to benefit from your car’s best performances with the confidence of having a reliable and efficient lighting system! Our HID kits will not only be very useful on those long night drives but will also boost your vehicles looks! Try our offer today!


    Are you looking for a cheap and reliable solution to optimize your car’s efficiency and performances? Try out our new Xenon HID Kits and you’ll surely be satisfied. Custom designed for your Mazdaspeed3 car, our HID kits can do a great job in improving the safety and reliability of your vehicle with a simple upgrade of your usual factory headlight bulbs! Manufactured and tested by world’s best specialists in car lighting systems, our Xenon HID kits are easy to install, affordable and top quality products! Check out on our offer and choose your desired HID Kit, we are sure we can satisfy all your requirements!

    MIATA HID KIT (10)

    Miata HID Kit 98-05 at the best prices. We carry Miata HID Kit 98-05 instock ready to ship. Miata HID Kit 98-05 are custom for your vehicle. Trying to make your Mazda Miata look and feel even slicker or simply improve its safety and efficiency standards? We have an affordable, top quality solution for you! Our Xenon HID Kits will do a great job in greatly improving your vehicle’s reliability and looks, all this with an easy to do upgrade that only takes minutes: remove your hood, take out the old factory headlight bulbs and replace them with one of our HID Kits for maximum efficiency of your car’s lighting system. Just check out our list of available custom designed Miata HID Kits and choose a solution that best fits your car’s needs!


    Miata HID Kit 90-97 at the best prices. We carry Miata HID Kit 90-97 instock ready to ship. Miata HID Kit 90-97 are custom for your vehicle. Boost the safety and efficiency of your Mazda Millenia car with our new xenon HID Kits! With a simple upgrade that only takes minutes, your car’s lighting system will be brought up-to-date with the latest technological improvements. Made available by world’s top specialists, tested and manufactured so they’ll meet all your demands, our HID Kits can do a great improvement by doing a simple replacement of your old factory headlight bulbs. Your car will look better, drive better and be more reliable. Moreover, our prices are unbeatable, check the offer for yourself and choose a solution that best fits your needs!

    MPV HID KIT (10)

    The MPV HID Kit is designed by the use of both xenon low beam and xenon high beam through a xenon kit. The material does not allow for any scratches given that they are tough than the ordinary bulb. The headlights save a lot of space and can therefore fit well with the specified car and generate the most light considering the conglomeration of the twin beam levels. This Mazda model is among the best rides since their models were brought forth in perfect shape with the fixation of the bulb that are developed with the noble gas replacing halogen for effective beam of light during night rides. MPV HID Kit Bulbs have managed to touch the customers heart and are now ready to choose the company’s models because of the extra security it has and above all the 30000K headlights makes out a sexy glamorous appearance of the MPV and that’s part of the company’s success to develop quality services.

    MX3 HID KIT (10)

    MX3 HID Kit 92-95 at the best prices. We carry MX3 HID Kit 92-95 instock ready to ship. MX3 HID Kit 92-95 are custom for your vehicle. Are you trying to bring your Mazda MX-3 up-to-date with the latest technological improvements so you will fully benefit from the reliability of a safe and efficient car? If yes, check out our solution for easy improving both your car’s look and performance by doing a simple upgrade for your vehicle’s lighting system. Try replacing your old usual factory headlight bulbs with one of our MX-3 custom designed xenon HID kits and you will see the difference in only minutes! Just remove the hood, take out the old headlight bulbs and install the new HID system! Our solution is of top quality and our prices are unbeatable!

    MX5 HID KIT (10)

    We advise you to buy now the 8000K, 10000K and the 30000K MX5 HID Kit and begin experiencing lights power. Sold for a paltry $ 109.99 for each, you will be able to improve your car to levels that will keep your competitors second guessing and blaming their gods for not alerting them of this good deal before. Adding the xenon kit to the whole set up will also mean that you have leant from the mistakes of the unsafe, non-performing halogen bulbs and you are geared for a whole better experience. The headlights provide a very clear and sharp focus lights able to illuminate even in the very jet-black road as you come out of that evening staff meeting with colleagues. Above all else, with the bulbs affixed on your car, you will be able to induce the very best performance that a car you have ever owned as ever experienced.

    MX6 HID KIT (10)

    MX6 HID Kit 93-97 at the best prices. We carry MX6 HID Kit 93-97 instock ready to ship. MX6 HID Kit 93-97 are custom for your vehicle. Are you interested in an easy, affordable and quality solution for upgrading your Mazda MX-6 to latest standards? If you are, check out our new selection of Xenon HID Kits! Available for all MX-6 models, these kits offer the benefits of a great car lighting system by doing an easy upgrade: simply remove your car’s hood, take out your old factory headlight bulbs and replace them with one of our Xenon HID kits! It only takes minutes, it costs less than anywhere else, and your car will look and drive much better! Check out our offer and choose your desired HID Kit!


    The Navajo HID Kit is the only solution to all your cars problems with the sometimes problematic lights. The kit with the 30000K HID kit is considered by many motor car experts to be both powerful and sharp focused. The kit is so water proof that even in the very rainy season, you need not fuss over any damages on the bulbs. The wiring is simplified to give both powerful illumination and an easier way out when in a bid to correct the wiring after minor complications. Within the Navajo HID Kit you will also get more bulbs option, over 16, to select at will and desirably so. The conversion kit is so solid and reliable you will not need to ask anywhere else for a conversion kit. The Navajo HID Kit is also very affordable with its headlamps having a less the 0.3% rate to ever fail. The lumen output is also spectacular comparable to no other seller of the xenon HID kit.


    Protege HID Kit 01-03 at the best prices. We carry Protege HID Kit 01-03 instock ready to ship. Protege HID Kit 01-03 are custom for your vehicle. Upgrade your Protege with an aftermarket kit from The Mazda Protege is a car with tradition: the history of the model dates back to 1964, when the first Mazda Protege was launched. Also marketed as Mazda Familia, this car is trying to offer a reliable and safe vehicle option. If you won one, you might be interested in one of our solutions that will surely upgrade the efficiency and looks of this car. By simply replacing your standard factory headlight bulbs with one of our custom designed Xenon HID Kits you will gain a new improved car lighting system in only minutes. It’s easy, affordable and efficient!
  • RX7 HID KIT 93-97

    RX7 HID KIT 93-97 (11)

    RX7 HID Kit 93-97 at the best prices. We carry RX7 HID Kit 93-97 instock ready to ship. RX7 HID Kit 93-97 are custom for your vehicle. Looking for a fast, affordable and quality upgrade for your Mazda RX-7 car? Check out our offer of Xenon HID Kits and improve your vehicle’s lighting system with the latest technology available! These HID kits are custom made for your RX-7, manufactured and tested by world’s top specialists so they meet your specific requirements. Installing is easy: just remove the car’s hood, take out the old standard factory headlight bulbs and replace them with the xenon HID kit. Your car will look better and prove to be more efficient and reliable than ever, all this for the very best prices on the market!
  • RX8 HID KIT 03-UP

    RX8 HID KIT 03-UP (10)

    The RX8 is the replacement for the older RX7, but these vehicles are nothing alike. RX8 HID Kit 03-UP at the best prices. We carry RX8 HID Kit 03-UP instock ready to ship. RX8 HID Kit 03-UP are custom for your vehicle. With our new Xenon HID Kits, upgrading your Mazda RX-8’s lighting system has never been easier! Check out our offer of top quality headlight products, choose your desired HID Kit, and then upgrade your car in just a few easy steps: remove your car’s hood, take out the standard factory bulbs and replace them with our Xenon Kit! Our products come at the best prices on the market and are manufactured and tested by the world’s best producers of car lighting equipment! Don’t miss our great offer and the chance to make your car safer, more reliable and better looking!


    With the many options like the digital slim ballast, the 30000K bulbs and the Xenon bulbs among so many others the Tribute HID Kit is well geared to offer your car the best possible choice. Most headlamps seeker look for the most durable, most spectacular, well designed and top quality lights, in the Tribute Xenon HID kit, they will surely find all those and much more. The reason being that with the xenon bulbs, you are guaranteed a very far reaching illumination that even at night all the other motorist will sense your presence from a far off. The bulbs, moreover, have a crystal clear focus that is totally unmistakable and defined. All you need is slightly more than a $100 and you will be set to get your very own Tribute HID Kit. The Tribute can only perform to the hilt of its high performance with the very best of the xenon HID lights kit.

Mazda Hid Kit otherwise known as xenon Kit are the new lighting phenomenon that hit the automotive market industry. The Kit use xenon filled bulbs that are brighter, and light whiter. The xenon bulbs react to electrical arc. Depending on the bulb temperature, the color the xenon bulb emits is different. Mazda Hid Kit allow for better night visibility. I believe that it’s a must have feature on every vehicle. Mazda has a few production cars that do come with the HID Kit as an OEM upgrade. But they are not available on all their models. Mazda HID Kit are easily installed if you end up having to purchase them as an aftermarket upgrade. The Kit consist of a pair of xenon filled bulbs, pair of ballasts, and the all wiring necessary. The ballasts if you don’t already know are the power houses of the conversion kits. They control the amount of electrical current flowing to the bulb. Mazda car models include the MX-5, Miata, RX-7, RX-8, Mazda6, Mazda3, Mazda5, Tribute, and Versa.