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Accent HID Kit 00-04 at the best prices. We carry Accent HID Kit 00-04 instock ready to ship.Accent HID Kit 00-04 are custom for your vehicle. The Hyundai Accent is a great compact car with great gas mileage. In all respects its practical. Upgrading your Accent headlights with a HID kit is a great idea. ACCENTuate your lights! How? You just have to equip your Hyundai Accent with a set of our Xenon HID Kits! It’s an easy job that takes only minutes but makes all the difference! Say goodbye to your old factory headlight bulbs and give your car the eyes to see! Choose one of this HID Kits; we surely have an offer to fit your needs – technically and financially! Replacing only takes seconds: remove your hood, take out the old bulbs and replace them with the xenon kit. In just minutes you’ll SEE the difference. Also available: the HID Kit Wire Relay Harness.