IQ HID KIT (10)

    Find parts for your Scion IQ such as an HID kit for your headlights or fog lights. Scion is a marquee of vehicles produced by Toyota motors cooperation for North American market. It was found in comes in different models and variety of colors it has three models, tc a3door lift back,, xb a5 door sub compact card a4 door platform. Scion is sold in pure price. It takes shorter and simpler process for you to get scion of your choice .all scions have one standard trim level which are designed uniquely Hid conversion and xenon conversion kits produce lights which are 3 times brighter than any other halogen bulbs hid light bulbs helps to enhance the style of you car but also produces safety lights when driving. they are easy to install and use, they also give you luxury looks Philips hid kits is a standard brand which is installed in all vehicles it is available in all sizes ,it comes in variety of colors, long lasting it is plug and play is also designed to prevent flickering

    TC HID KIT (10)

    tC HID KIT is one of the products from the scion automotive company, an extension of the Toyota Company. The company is a great consumer, and it’s with no doubt that this product is one of the most amazing products and much more fit each and every model. tC HID Kit is designed in a way that it provides a plug and play function, what makes it even more amazing is its ability to increase night visibility and safety as well. Basically, the tC HID kit provides a provides a more brighter look than the traditional halogen bulbs, in fact, it has a longer life span compared to the other kits. When it comes to automotive lighting the tC HID, proves to be one of the best lighting for your car. The xenon has a great xenon upgrade. What is more interesting is that the kits comes in friendly prices, you will be needed to part away with a little amount from your pocket, to own one.

    XA HID KIT (10)

    xA HID Kit comes with a special package from the scion automotive company. the company which have produced a total of 5 car models since it’s introduction continues to bring out the best HID kits in the market; and xA HID kit is one of them. The kit has been upgraded using xenon bulbs which are stronger and powerful than the conventional halogen bubs. The high density discharge lighting comes with a pair of xenon bulbs and wiring plugs. It is a fully plug and play kit, and if you are mean to travel at night, then you will be sure of an excellent visibility coupled with comfort and total security. Xenon has a longer life span compared to the traditional halogen bulbs which last for a short period of time. This ensures that your car remains safe and set for quite a good period of time. It also saves you on money; since you won’t have to replace it time after time. Save your money today by buying the xA HID Kit.

    XB HID KIT (10)

    The Scion xB has the looks of a miniature delivery truck, even in its second generation this box casts a unique silhouette. xB HID Kit 04-05 at the best prices. We carry xB HID Kit 04-05 instock ready to ship. xB HID Kit 04-05 are custom for your vehicle. Typically, cars in this price range aren't fun to drive, and while the Scion xB has never been too sporty, its suspension and steering have been balanced to deliver crisp handling.

    XD HID KIT (10)

    We carry a large selection of Scion XD HID parts for great prices. Look through our large selection of Scion HID XD parts. Scion XD include bulbs, ballasts and kits and others. Changing Scion headlights is easy and can make a big difference on your cars look. HID kits and accessory also make a great gift. If you have any questions don't hesitate to call us at We are here to help you find the right HID parts for your vehicle.