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HID kit for Q7 are installed as a factory upgrade on to almost all the Q7 models, If your Q7 doesnt have xenon lights from the factory, you could upgrade into one of ours for hundreds less. Otherwise if you have factory xenon parts and you just need to replace a xenon bulb or ballast. Then you can purchase that under the bulb and ballast catagory.

Q7 hid kits have bright lights and you can install xenon lights in it because they are easy to install and very bright than other ordinary bulbs. They have different quality models like; Harness, digital slim, 30000k, 10000k, 800k, 6000k, Dis/ Dir and Dis. The hid kit provides more than three times light on the road and this will enable you see through the night and avoid causing accidents, the light bulb is made in Germany and they last for many years because they are manufactured under strict quality control. Replace your old bulb with Q7 hid kit and you will notice the difference.