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SRX HID Kit brightness is not comparable to the old halogen bulb lighting. The SRX brings a new light to Cadillac, and is considered to be a very technologically advanced vehicle. Why stop there when you can include on one of your technological advancements a xenon lighting system that increases your night driving safety and reliability. Like many cars from Cadillac mode of vehicles Cadillac SRX uses a v8 mode of engine though with a different fuel holding capacity of 4.6 litters generating high power to keep your car moving on the roads. It is very safe to drive in this car even when driven under high sped due top the presence of the multiple gear speed transmissions. It also has other standard features which provide maximum comfort while driving like the rear wheel drive air conditioners and other entertainment equipments. Cadillac SRX hid kit is fully equipped to make sure that your road visibility is clear while driving whether street lights are available or not. The hid lights installed use hid bulbs rather than the halogen lamps used in numerous cars. They are also installed in pairs to provide good light balance for clear visibility. These features are fixed in the car after its production therefore you find it in the market well equipped.