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Upgrade your factory F350 headlights with the latest in HID lighting. We offer the best products at the best prices! Choose from various color temperatures for your F-350 Truck! You will love how much light output our product gives! Your friends will be blown away how much authority your truck has on the road with a good HID lighting system. F350 is used for transportation and because of its xenon lights which are quality and they are easily replaced you can use the vehicle when traveling for longer distance and when it is even raining. Xenon hid kit are very cheap and of quality lights, they have many models like; 6000k, 30000k, 1000k, 8000k, and Bi-Xenon HID kits along with that digital slim ballast which is state of the art technology which makes the best use of your vehicles energy and to provide you complete safety we offer the new wire harness so you don’t have to worry about any short circuits because of overload on the car’s electronics, all of these models provide three times more light on the road than the ordinary lights and when you buy this lights you are given a one year warrant so that if your hid kit get damaged you can replace it without any cost within the period of the warrant. The installation is an easy 3 step process and all our products have an installation guide to walk you through the procedure. So don’t wait! Our sale is limited time offer for your F-350 Series HID conversion kits.