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The BMW 8 series cars are legends in the car market they were the trend setters. BMW 8 series is truly a rare car, no doubt about it. But it makes it prefect for an HID upgrade to make it even more special. The 8 series never came with an HID kit, now is your time to upgrade. The E31 can look great with a few upgrades and HID should be on your list. We have a great variety of products you just need to browse through them to select what best suits you. Our offering includes HID kits ranging from 6000K to 30000K. Along with these kits we offer Digital Slim ballasts which controls the flow of current to the Xenon headlights to keep them safe in case of any short circuit. We also offer Philips Xenon Hid kits which are of high quality and reliability. We offer 8 Series HID Kit 89-97 at the best prices. All the 8 Series HID Kits 89-97 are in stock ready to ship within 24 to 48 hours. These kits are custom made and include warranty. The installation of these kits is an easy 3 step process and can be done with the installation guide we offer with every product.