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The Mercedes GL includes models such as GL320, GL420, GL450 and GL550. This is a large luxury SV designed to compete with high line models like the Ranger Rover. If you are interested in making your GL look better or if you want to see better, we recommend upgrading with aftermarket HID kits for your fog lights. The Mercedes GL is one of the cars that is well recognized due to its large size. It has a v8 engine which produces a horse power of 335.Its engine gives you a great cruising experience in any given road condition. An all wheel drive car has a steering wheel that gives you a tight gripe when you are driving. The car has upholstered seats to improve your comfort levels. The Mercedes GL hid kit is made of the xenon gas that is well known in the out put of bright lighting. The installation of this kit to your car is quite simple as you are provide with a wire harness, tow hid bulbs and 2 ballasts that you are required to use for its accurate installation. This is one of the new car upgrades that has been brought forth to improve the lighting mechanisms for your automobile. The kit comes in different sizes that you need to choose. Ensure that you have installed it in your car to give it a new design and style.