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Mitubishi Eclipse HID Kit for that custom look. Upgrade your Eclipse headlights with an aftermarket HID kit upgrade from No matter if you have a 1995 or 2008, you don’t need to worry about the fitment, we will get you the parts you need. One thing that most motorists worry about is the year of make for their vehicles and they usually think that old cars and vehicles can not be upgraded; this is a wrong perception because with us you are rest assured to get all the kits and gargets for your Mitsubishi Eclipse no matter what the year manufacture is. An Eclipse HID kit 6000K HID kit will produce thrice more light compared to the halogen kits. The xenon light kits are also available in low and affordable price hence you should not worry about your savings and pocket capability. The kits that you will get from our stores are all submitted to through check up and inspection to make sure they are all updated and of superior quality. Apart from the low prices and the prompt delivery to your destination, we will also give y6ou a warranty to take care of your products incases of emergencies and damage.